Monday, April 9, 2012

Rule in Every Situation

His riders come thundering!
In the midst of trouble and turmoil I, the Lord, bring peace, and I bring stillness. Though war rages, the righteous will rule and the wicked will perish. For I am the light, says the Lord, and I bring an illumination and manifest the truth. Many are burdened down with their own agendas. They have no time for they say, “I must be here and I must be there“. They are doing things that do not matter in the eternal realm. I say evaluate and examine to see if you be in faith. For faith pleases me and will keep you going toward your goal. Faith will open up the doors. My word of faith is a hammer and a fire. It will cause those things that look like hindrances in the natural to disappear. Be patient, says the Lord, for my presence will destroy your enemies. Walk not as men but as gods. Your position on this earth is to rule and have dominion in every situation. Listen and you will hear my riders. They will come thundering and trample the pestilence and the evil in the land. Let my joy give you strength for the days to come when you see and when you hear the work of the enemy. Know this, says the Lord, that the Greater One resides in you.

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