Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God Speaks to His Chosen

O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, how I weep for you that you might come to repentance and bow before me. Your walls are broken and your gates are unattended. Look up for your redemption draws close, closer than you think. I will send fire into your mist. Your old men shall fall, and your young men shall cry out for mercy. Blood will run in your streets, and the children shall hide in the corners. You have slain my men of wisdom sent to you and called them false, but I am the one to whom you will answer. I am the one who holds and upholds all things. What will you say then? What will you do? Come unto me, O Jerusalem, and I will give you rest. Abide in my camp, and you will have plenty. Your winepresses will burst out with new wine, and your barns will have abundant grain. There will be no lack for the Lord will be your supply. Hearken unto me all you who have an ear for I speak and the earth trembles. I speak and the lightning comes. I will strike down the evil and uphold the good. Sounds of weeping and despair will be in your ears. Hearken to my voice, and you will have life and life more abundantly. 

(Note: Natural Jerusalem is the capital city of the nation of Israel but spiritual Jerusalem is the Church as shown in Hebrews 12:22-23. Hence this prophetic word applies to the Church today, as well as the capital of Israel.)

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God Roars for His People

Though the branches fall off, the tree still stands. Though the rains will come, the waters will not overtake you. Though the fire burns, you will not be consumed. Those who wait upon me, says the Lord, I will lift them up to the mountain top. Though I speak to you in riddles and mysteries, I will reveal myself to you. For little by little you will hear and understand.

Though the giants rise up and with pride they cry out, “We are big and we are strong, and we shall prevail”, but I say that those who are called by my name shall run and jump and shout the victory. To whom shall I show my greatness but to those who believe and have put their trust in me.

The great light shines out of the darkness. Those groping in the dark will see the light and will travel to the light. The light will penetrate their souls. There is a way between here and there. It is a guarded way, and only a few have found it. I will send forth a burst of fire. It will begin in the east, and it will consume the rubble and houses of clay. The fire will travel through the air and will explode in the west. The people will see the signs in the sky and will hear a great roar. I roar out of Zion. Pieces of the explosion will be found in the desert.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

War against Your Soul

There is a war going on in the spiritual realm. The war is against your soul, which includes your mind, will, emotions and feelings. The enemy wants to see you defeated, but Jesus gives you victory. When you speak the word of God, the enemy must flee. Jesus causes you to have victory in all things and at all times. Thank the Lord who is able to make you a winner in every situation.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peace: A Mighty Weapon of God

Peace is a mighty weapon of God. It pulls down strongholds and pushes back enemy forces. Jesus spoke peace to the storm, delivering his disciples. Peace should rule in your heart and lives each day. Speak peace to your storms in the name of Jesus, and see the situation change.
Listen to "Peace: A Mighty Weapon of God"

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