Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Dawn in Christ

A New Dawn in Christ

I will send a noise into the earth. The earth will begin to shake and begin to move apart. Underneath the sea there will be a blast, and the earth will know that I am still the Lord. I change not and I will move things about as I will. Nations shall rise against nations. For the earth shall see me as I really am, God Almighty and full of glory. Order shall come once again upon the earth.

Children shall look upon my face and begin to speak as I give them utterance. I will send signs in the heavens and wonders on the earth. The things man has destroyed I will restore. I am the restorer of those things that are broken. The earth groans for my sons to show themselves. I am placing my people in key positions on the earth that they may rule and take dominion once again. Let joy rise in your hearts for I have spoken. In the midst of chaos, I, the Lord, will bring peace. In all things give me thanks. I will pour out my mercy on the earth. The end of this age is coming. A new dawn is here. Fear not for I am with you.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prophetic Word for 2013

The glory of God is a consuming fire.
The glory of God shall be seen in 2013. The world is searching for answers and relief from troubled times. The only true answers and relief are in the glory of God. His sons (male and female) shall manifest the great light and God will be exalted on the earth. Darkness will have to flee in his mighty presence.

Rise and shine for your light has come. My glory, says the Lord, shall surround you and my fire shall consume you. All that shall be seen in you is my glory and my image. As I am so shall you be in the earth. Go forth and be the fire. Expose the evil and consume it. Reveal the truth and walk in it. Those that sit in their darkness and despair shall see your light and run to it. Be ready to give the reason why you are victorious. Many will hear and come to know me. I am that I am.

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