Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prophetic Word for China, Vietnam and Mongolia

Recently, I saw a huge net being placed over China, Vietnam and Mongolia. This net represents God’s Word going forth in these countries to bring people into the Kingdom of God. He has fishermen who will cast their nets, and God himself will command the fish to come into them. He is holding back the forces of evil in these countries to give time for many to come to know Him and be equipped. The work must be done quickly. Favor is being poured out for this task to be accomplished. There will be favor with government officials and with others who have influence with the people. Invitations will go out to come to these countries and bring the love of God to the masses. Children and youth will especially be touched by the message of the Kingdom of God. Remote fishing villages will hear the gospel, and many will be healed from diverse sicknesses and crippling diseases.

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  1. Amen! I am going to Vietnam this May 2, 2013 for a short term mission and Im praying that right words will be spoken for the orchistrated event that God had already ordained long ago. I pray for the right people that I will meet there whom need a timely message from God. I was encouraged by this.