Saturday, September 8, 2012

Walk in the Meadow of the Lord's Glory

Walking in His Meadow
I have set before you a meadow of beauty, but you must cut away the thorns and the briars in order to see my glory. I will come and walk with you in the cool of the evening, and we will have fellowship one with the other. Take up your sword for I have given you authority to rid yourself of all those things that might hinder. Look unto the future with hope and with an awareness that I am always near. The enemy might come, but he will flee seven ways. Unlock my mysteries for I desire to reveal my mysteries to those who will cherish them and hold them in theirs bosom. Quickly eliminate any attempt to put you into a stronghold. I will show you any entrapments and deliver you from all evil. I, the Lord, have spoken and no man shall stop what I am doing. There are people who are crying out in the wilderness for they have no bread and water. Fill your pouches with provision, and I will send you to those in need.
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